Festival fashion has become its own category of dressing. Stores have entire sections dedicated to it. But it’s not necessarily something you want to invest a lot of money in, considering how much it cost to get out to the festival in the first place and especially thinking about the conditions you and your outfit will find yourselves in: out in the elements for hours and around thousands of people for multiple days on end. More often than not, everything you so carefully packed comes home with some sort of damage—or, worse, has disappeared altogether. When Beyoncé is on the agenda, though, a missing scrunchie should be the last of your worries. Instead of shelling out a fortune for accessories that end up torn, muddied, or otherwise abandoned, stick with the affordable finishing touches in the following gallery that are just as festive. All the fluorescent bucket hats, tropical-print belt bags, and heart-shaped sunnies you could ever want—but also, wouldn’t feel hurt to lose—are ahead.

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