Large bags have gotten a bad rep: You overpack, you schlep, you can’t find anything inside… They’ll cause you to breathlessly explain to everyone you see, “Ah! Sorry for all of this stuff.” It takes up an extra seat at restaurants. It’s the reason you’ve saved every receipt you didn’t know you had.

That might explain why fashion rallied behind those super-cute mini bags that can really only fit some credit cards, a tub of lipstick and maybe, if you’re lucky, your iPhone—but definitely not the plus. The most popular one was by French designer Jacquemus, which was six centimeters tall and ten wide. It’s so cute, it’ll initially make you squeal… before inevitably making you scream when you realize there are so many things you need to carry that there’s no room for. But for Spring 2019, Jacquemus appears to have done a 180: At his most recent Paris Fashion Week show, he debuted the exact opposite—totes that were large, spacious, and perfect for emptying the entire contents of your life into.

Jacquemus wasn’t the first to indulge a love for over-packing: Proenza Schouler, Maison Margiela, and Jil Sander have all released large shoulder and tote handbags within the past year, having models tuck them under their arms or wear just one strap on their shoulder so that the other flails in the wind. Being a lady with lots of things is nothing to be ashamed of.

So go ahead and get ready to carry everything you own and see below for the best large handbags, in order of how much stuff they can actually fit.

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