John Cena

Bradley Cooper Would Make a ‘Cute’ Vince McMahon

10/3/2017 7:32 AM PDT


With reports that Bradley Cooper has been offered to play the role of Vince McMahon in an upcoming biopic, we asked John Cena the most important question about the movie … 

Is Bradley too cute to play Vince? 

Some background … there are a ton of unconfirmed reports that WWE Studios is moving forward with what’s essentially being described as an origin movie about Vince. It’s reportedly called “Pandemonium.”

Some of the early criticism of the flick is that it’s a SUPER sensationalized version of the real story of McMahon — and with Cooper’s name floating around, seems like the rumors could be true. 

But Cena doesn’t think so — telling TMZ Sports the former Sexiest Man Alive has the right amount of cuteness to play the most powerful man in pro wrestling. 

Can’t argue with those dimples. 

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