It’s surprising how quickly one can catch up on e-mail, Twitter, all of our social acquaintances’ Instagram Stories, and any other red notifications left lingering on our phone as soon as we get an extra day off tacked onto our weekend. Once that’s all set and done, though, the question becomes: Where should we take our leisurely virtual browsing next? This weekend, when we’re not barbecuing or enjoying the lovely weather, you’ll most likely find us cozied up indoors, endlessly clicking through Net-a-Porter’s epic blowout of a summer sale. Though much of the items on offer remain pretty aspirational (an $899 Dolce & Gabbana kaftan printed with drawings of pasta gets a not no from us), there are plenty of solid, deeply discounted finds from highly-regarded designers you’ll want to scoop up before fall. So join us in some virtual window shopping with our favorite picks on sale at Net-a-Porter right now.

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