Tiffany Haddish

Accepts TMZ Photog’s Rose

After LAX Luggage Mishap

4/29/2018 1:32 PM PDT


Tiffany Haddish forgives TMZ … we think.

Our photog caught Tiffany and her crew Sunday coming out of LAX, where he tried apologizing with a rose for not helping them load their luggage last weekend.

As you’ll recall … Tiffany railed on TMZ because our guy didn’t offer a helping hand … and Tiffany took that as a slight and lack of chivalry.

Now, it all seems to be water under a bridge. While there might’ve been confusion as to what exactly happened — Tiffany ultimately accepted our cameraman’s gesture.

She went on to post her own view of the interaction, and a caption that we’d like to think is a message of love. Happy to talk (and help) anytime, Tiff!

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